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2021 Event Schedule

Canadian Rally Championship

Feb 5-6 - Rally Perce-Neige Maniwaki

May 28-29 - Rocky Mountain Rally

July 2-4 - Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs

Sep 9-11 - Rallye Defi Petite Nation

Sep 30-Oct 2 - Pacific Forest Rally

Oct 22-23 - Rallye De Charlevoix

Nov 19-20 - Rally of the Tall Pines

Dec 10-11 - Big White Winter Rally

Canadian Sport Compact Series

May 24 - CTMP (DDT)

Jun 28 - CTMP (DDT)

Jul 26 - Toronto Motorsports Park

Aug 16 - Calabogie Motorsports Park

Sept 20 - Toronto Motorsports Park

Our competition claims they "Race" Subarus, but we are the only ones actually doing it. We’re out there, every weekend, winning races, breaking records and have the trophies to prove it!

A Heritage of Winning

With over 25 Canadian National Rally & Road Racing Championships, and hundreds of race wins, Can-Jam Motorsports’ track record speaks for itself. Established in 1982 and considered one of North America’s most experienced and decorated motorsports facilities, and previously entrusted with building and managing
"Subaru Rally Team Canada", Let Can-Jam's experience bring you the success you require.

Our Services

Can-Jam Motorsports provides a broad range of services. From the casual enthusiast; to the hardcore race team. We stand behind our reputation as the premier Subaru tuning shop in the GTA for all motorsports and maintenance needs. Our shop features a full suite of top-of-the-line diagnostic and tuning equipment.


Diagnostic service:

For all services not falling into a regular maintenance schedule. Whether you need the latest in diagnostic tools to read check engine light codes or you need our years of documented experience to diagnose your problem, we will have a recommended solution.

Regular service interval:

6k (refer to maintenance schedule)

Major service interval:

24k/48k/72k/96k/168k (refer to maintenance schedule)

Brake service:

Brake systems have many wear items that will need to be serviced and replaced over the life of your vehicle ownership. Brake pad replacements, brake rotor replacements/resurfacing, brake fluid flush; we will have you setup with OEM or better quality braking system on the completion of your service.

Clutch service:

As a central part of the driveline, clutch service will be important over time. Service may include flywheel replacement/resurfacing, clutch disc replacement, pressure plate replacement, and clutch related bearing replacements.

Exhaust service:

Exhaust components wear over time especially when subjected to the various weather elements in our seasonal climate. Exhaust services may include exhaust leak testing, gasket replacements, oxygen sensor replacements, catalytic converter replacements, exhaust welding (in-house TIG welder).

Suspension service:

Noticeable ride quality degradation can be caused by wear to the dampers in your suspension. Strut/Damper replacement and/or re-alignment will be necessary as the mileage of your vehicle increases.


Alignment service:

Providing custom alignment specification based on use of the vehicle. Range of adjustment will vary from use of OEM parts, aftermarket camber bolts, aftermarket camber/caster plates.

Corner balancing service:

Corner balancing service is available for vehicles equipped with coilover suspensions. Height of the coilover across all four corners is adjusted until an equal weight percentage is achieved. Our corner balance equipment features adjustable height pads to achieve consistent accurate results. Data showing total vehicle weight, corner weight and weight distribution percentages is available to customers on completion of service.

Transmission swap service:

The available options for the Subaru 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmissions are vast. Some of the most common upgrades include 5-speed to 6-speed swaps, strengthened 5-speed gear sets, and dogbox motorsports transmissions. Use of the vehicle will be the determining factor when deciding on a configuration.

Brake upgrades:

Simple street upgrades that include rotors/brake pads/brake fluid/brake lines. Track setups including upsized calipers/rotors/brake pads. We cover all facets of braking from daily driver to full race applications.

Clutch upgrades:

Service consists of removing the transmission from the vehicle, resurfacing and or replacing the flywheel with a lightweight version, new clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, and pilot bearing. Different applications will require different configurations. The dynamics of driving the vehicle will directly correlate to chosen configuration.

Suspension upgrades:

Including springs, struts, bushings, endlinks, sway bars, braces, coilovers.

Turbo upgrades:

Many factors are involved when deciding on the most well suited turbo upgrade. Questions such as the intended application, the forms of motorsport, etc. These items play a large factor in deciding the right direction for your setup. Whether you are looking for bolt-on, rotated, or complete turbo kits; it is best to discuss these options with us.

Engine swaps:

Our vast experience with engine components is exemplified in our own Motorsports program. Using our own R&D, in-house custom engine builds for a variety of applications is one of our specialty services. Options include OEM engine swaps, JDM engine swaps, fully built short block/long block swaps, custom built engine swaps (individually selected engine components). It is best to discuss these options with us.


Custom roll cage fabrication:

FIA homologated, CARS, Rally America, as well as custom road racing specification cages.

Chassis preparation:

Available options for chassis preparation include seam welding, chassis acid dipping, tube frame chassis fabrication, sub frame chassis fabrication, strategic weight reduction and ballast placement

Engine rebuild service:

Rebuilds from OEM to individual components (crankshaft, rods, pistons/rings, bearings, camshafts, cylinder heads, valves)

Transmission rebuild service:

Rebuilding with stock gear sets (STI, STI RA), racing gear sets (STI, PPG, Albins), sequential gear box (KAPS).

Standalone ECU Tuning:

Motec, AEM, Autronic, Link, Vi-Pec on track Lambda real-time engine mapping.

Custom fabrication:

Using our in house TIG welders, mills, and lathes.